(A)   Establishments located east of the Intercoastal Waterway selling food intended for consumption by customers off the premises of such establishments, or serving food in an outside seating area of an establishment, shall not sell or dispense disposable food service products, including but not limited to cups, lids, straws, plates, bowls, utensils, sandwich containers, or other packaging, which are made of plastic, polystyrene plastic, or of any nonbiodegradable material; except, however, that the ban on polystyrene plastic and plastic-coated paper products shall not become effective until the conditions set forth in F.S. § 403.708(11) are met.
   (B)   All proprietors of business establishments abutting or fronting the Hollywood Broadwalk shall be required to remove, within a reasonable time on the day of its placement there, all litter from the area extending from the western border of their property to the eastern border of the Broadwalk.
   (C)   For the purposes of this section, the term ESTABLISHMENTS shall include but not be limited to restaurants, vendors, grocery stores, and any other person, entity or business engaged in the sale of food products under the circumstances set forth in division (A).
('72 Code, § 13-38) (Ord. O-74-85, passed 8-7-74; Am. Ord. O-90-18, passed 6-6-90; Am. Ord. O-96-56, passed 12-4-96)) Penalty, see § 97.99