§ 57.18 SURCHARGE.
   (A)   The city agrees to receive and treat wastes from industrial users which may contain nontoxic constituents with concentrations in excess of those concentrations set forth as domestic, as specified in § 57.05(B)(2), at the following rates:
      (1)   BOD. In excess of 250 mg/1 at $0.21/lb with a ceiling of 10,000 mg/l.
      (2)   TSS. In excess of 300 mg/l at $0.21/lb with a ceiling of 10,000 mg/l.
      (3)   P. In excess of 15 mg/l at $0.42/lb with a ceiling of 57 mg/l.
      (4)   TKN. In excess of 30 mg/l at $0.42/lb with a ceiling of 200 mg/l.
      (5)   COD. In excess of 500 mg/l at $0.21/lb with a ceiling of 15,000 mg/l.
   (B)   The calculation for the above parameters will be based on the industrial user's flowmeter readings. If a flowmeter is not installed, then the water bill will be used to establish flow. The surchargable parameters will be tested on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis, depending on the industrial user's flow. The calculations for the surcharge billing can be based on either city monitoring or self monitoring results. In the event the city monitoring and self monitoring events occur during the same monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly period, the average of these sampling results will be utilized to bill the industrial user. No billing will occur for surcharges under $35.00.
   (C)   The city reserves the right to adjust surcharge rates based on the cost of treatment, to add or delete parameters to be surcharged, and to adjust limits for such perimeters, based on the needs of the POTW.
   (D)   Discharge of prohibited or toxic pollutants by any person, including industrial users, will cause enforcement action as per § 57.13 of this chapter.
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