The city may adopt reasonable charges and fees for reimbursement or costs of operating the city's pretreatment program. The charges and fees may include:
   (A)   Wastewater discharge permit applications including the cost of processing such applications. The city shall base permit fees on flow to the POTW, except in the case of categorical users. The annual permit fee schedule is as follows:
   0 - 5,000 gallons per day (gpd)   $ 150.00
   5,001 25,000 gpd   500.00
   Over 25,000 gpd   2,000.00
   Categorical   2 000.00
The administrative fee for permit renewal will be as follows:
   One year permit   $75.00
   Three year permit   150.00
In addition, there is a one-time $500.00 administrative fee for new permittees to establish compliance histories. Industrial users whose permits lapse will be treated as new applicants, subject to $500.00 administrative fee, in order to reapply.
   (B)   Monitoring, inspection and surveillance procedures including the cost of collection and analyzing an industrial user's discharge, and reviewing monitoring reports submitted by industrial users. Analytical fees will be based on cost of analysis to city and may be adjusted annually.
   (C)   Reviewing and responding to accidental discharge procedures and construction.
   (D)   Filing appeals.
   (E)   Other fees and charges as the city may deem necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein. Theses fees relate solely to the matters covered by the pretreatment provisions of this chapter and are separate from all other fees, fines and penalties chargeable by the city.
(Ord. O-2001-41, passed 10-17-01; Am. Ord. O-2012-16, passed 7-18-12)