(A)   The City Self-Insurance Program (the “program”) is created for the city and those independent agencies of the city electing to participate in the program.
   (B)   The city's Self-Insurance Program is designed to provide separate plans to provide coverage for losses generally insured.
   (C)   The initial plans include the public liability plan and the employee liability plan. Additional plans may be added to the program by the Risk Manager with the prior approval of the City Commission.
   (D)   The participants in the program are the city and the City Community Redevelopment Agency. All nonindependent city agencies shall participate in any additional plans. The city may offer participation in any plan within the program to its independent agencies.
   (E)   In order for an independent agency to participate in any of the plans within the program, the independent agency shall provide the Risk Manager with loss and exposure data and a resolution from the independent agency specifying the coverage it requires and agreeing to abide by the terms of the program.
('72 Code, § 2-176(1) - (5)) (Ord. O-89-42, passed 7-19-89)