(A)   General. Hazardous or unique areas may be designated as an area of critical concern by the Council or by the state. Special consideration shall be given to any proposed development within an area of critical concern to assure that the development is necessary and desirable and in the public interest in view of the existing unique conditions. Hazardous or unique areas that may be designated as areas of critical concern are as follows:
      (1)   Sanitary landfills, dumps;
      (2)   Earthquake locations;
      (3)   Unstable soils;
      (4)   Unique animal life;
      (5)   Unique plant life;
      (6)   Scenic areas;
      (7)   Historical significance;
      (8)   Floodplain; and
      (9)   Other areas of critical concern.
   (B)   Plan submission. The developer shall prepare and submit an environmental assessment along with the preliminary plat application for any development that is proposed within an area of critical concern.
   (C)   Content of environmental assessment. The content of the environmental assessment shall usually be prepared by an interdisciplinary team of professionals that shall provide answers to the following questions:
      (1)   What changes will occur to the area of environmental concern as a result of the proposed development?
      (2)   What corrective action or alternative development plans could occur so as not to significantly change the area of environmental concern?
      (3)   What changes in the area of environmental concern are unavoidable?
      (4)   What beneficial or detrimental effect would the development have on the environment such as animal life, plant life, social concerns, economic, cultural resources, noise, visual, hazardous waste and others?
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)