§ 152.48  LOTS.
   Lots shall conform to the following.
   (A)   Lot sizes. No subdivision plat in the area included in a residential district shall hereafter be approved by the city unless all lots shown thereon shall have a frontage of 100 feet or more and a minimum area of 12,500 square feet; except that, lots fronting on cul-de-sac circles may have reduced frontage as approved by the Council, but shall not be less than 40 feet.
   (B)   Lot lines. Side lot lines shall be essentially at right angles to straight streets and shall conform to the radius of curved streets.
   (C)   Width related to length. Narrow, deep lots shall be avoided.
   (D)   Corner lots. Corner lots shall have sufficient extra width to permit appropriate building setback from both streets or orientation to both streets.
   (E)   Uninhabitable areas. Land subject to flooding or which shall otherwise be deemed to be uninhabitable shall not be platted for residential proposes or for any other uses that may increase or create a danger to health, life, or property or which may increase or create a flood hazard. Such land within a subdivision shall be set aside for other uses such as parks, green belts or other open space.
   (F)   Back-up lots. Lots shall back into such features as highways, arterial streets, shopping centers or industrial properties, except where there is a minor access street provided. Such lots shall contain a landscaped easement along the rear at least 20 feet wide in addition to the utility easement. The restricted access to the arterial street will minimize noise and protect outdoor living areas.
   (G)   Lot frontage. All rectangular lots shall have at least 100 feet of frontage upon a publicly- dedicated street. Variances may be permitted for an approved planned unit development.
   (H)   Future arrangements. Where parcels of land are subdivided into unusually large lots (such as when large lots are approved for septic tank operations) the parcels shall be divided, where feasible, so as to allow for future resubdividing into smaller parcels. Lot arrangements shall allow for the ultimate extension of adjacent streets through the middle of wide blocks. Whenever such future subdividing or lot splitting is contemplated, the plan thereof shall be approved by the Council prior to the taking of such action.
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)  Penalty, see § 152.99