(A)   Streets right-of-way widths. Street and road right-of-way widths shall conform to the adopted major street plan or comprehensive development plan and the rules of the state’s Department of Highways and the highway district or department having jurisdiction.
Highway and Street Types
120 feet
Collector streets (major and minor)
90 feet
Expressway or freeway
160 - 2,600 feet
Local streets
70 feet
80 feet
   (B)   Street grades. Street grades shall not exceed 9% on either minor or collector streets and 5% for arterial streets. No street grade shall be less than three-tenths feet per 100 feet.
   (C)   Street alignment. Street alignment shall be as follows. Horizontal alignment: when street lines deflect from each other by more than ten degrees in alignment, the centerlines shall be connected by a curve having a minimum radius of 500 feet for arterial streets, 300 feet for collector streets and 150 feet for minor streets. Between reverse curves on minor streets, there shall be a minimum tangent distance of 100 feet and 200 feet on collector and arterial streets respectively.
   (D)   Vertical alignment. Minimum sight distances shall be 200 feet for minor streets and 300 feet for collector and arterial streets.
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)  Penalty, see § 152.99