§ 152.42  LOCATION.
   Street and road location shall conform to the following.
   (A)   Street location and arrangements. When a major street plan or comprehensive development plan has been adopted, subdivision streets shall conform to such plans.
   (B)   Minor streets. Minor streets shall be so arranged as to discourage their use by through traffic.
   (C)   Stub streets. Where adjoining areas are not subdivided, the arrangement of streets in new subdivision shall be such that said streets extend to the boundary line of the tract to make provisions for the future extension of said streets into adjacent areas. A reserve strip may be required and held in public ownership.
   (D)   Street continuation and extension. The arrangement of streets shall provide for the continuation of existing streets from adjoining areas into new subdivisions unless otherwise approved by the Council having jurisdiction over such streets.
   (E)   Relation to topography. Streets shall be arranged in proper relation to topography so as to result in usable lots, safe streets and acceptable gradients.
   (F)   Alley. Alleys shall be provided in multiple dwelling or commercial subdivisions unless other provisions are made for service access and off-street loading and parking. Dead-end alleys shall be prohibited in all cases.
   (G)   Cul-de-sac streets. Cul-de-sac streets shall not be more than 500 feet in length and shall terminate with an adequate turnaround having a minimum radius of 50 feet for right-of-way.
   (H)   Half streets. Half streets shall be prohibited, except where unusual circumstances make such necessary to the reasonable development of a tract in conformance with this chapter and where satisfactory assurance for dedication of the remaining part of the street is provided. Whenever a tract to be subdivided borders on an existing half or partial street, the other part of the street shall be dedicated within such tract.
   (I)   Private streets. Private streets and roads shall be prohibited.
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)  Penalty, see § 152.99