(A)   Application. Prior to the filing of an application for approval of the preliminary plat, the subdivider may submit a copy of a sketch plan to the Council. This is entirely at the option of the developer. The sketch plan shall include the entire developmental scheme of the proposed subdivision, in schematic form and include the area proposed for immediate development in such a form and content as required by the Council and shall include the following:
      (1)   The general layout of streets, blocks and lots in sketch form;
      (2)   The existing conditions and characteristics of the land on or adjacent to the proposed subdivision site; and
      (3)   Areas set aside for schools, parks and other public facilities.
   (B)   Fee. None required.
   (C)   Council action. At the regular meeting, the subdivider shall present his or her pre-application and intent to the Council for review and comment. The Council may, if it deems necessary, request review of the pre-application by other agencies. The Council will review the pre-application to determine its compliance with this chapter as well as the following concerns:
      (1)   The compliance of the proposed development with existing local or state policies, goals and objectives or development plans;
      (2)   Determination of additional special permits or ordinance conflicts such as rezoning, conditional use permit or variance that may be needed and the determination of the manner that such requirements can be combined into one permit;
      (3)   Advise the applicant of any unique environmental or hazardous concerns that may be directly or indirectly associated with the subject property, such as areas that have been designated by the state as areas of critical environmental concern, unique plant or animal life, floodplain, airport flight pattern and the like; and
      (4)   Provide the subdivider with all necessary forms.
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)