(A)   Application. Any property owner desiring to vacate an existing subdivision, public right-of-way or easement, or desiring to dedicate a street right-of-way or easement shall complete and file an application with the Council and also file such other applications as are otherwise required by law. These provisions shall not apply to the widening of any street which is shown in the Comprehensive Plan, or the dedication of streets, rights-of-way or easements to be shown on the recorded plat of a subdivision.
   (B)   Council action.
      (1)   When considering an application for vacation procedures, the Council shall establish a date for a public hearing and give such public notice as required by law. The Council may approve, deny or modify the application. Whenever public rights-of-way or lands are vacated, the Council shall provide adjacent property owners with a quit claim deed for said vacated rights-of-way in such proportions as are prescribed by law.
      (2)   When considering an application for dedication procedures, the Council may approve, deny or modify the application. When a dedication is approved, the required street improvements shall be constructed or a bond furnished assuring the construction, prior to acceptance of the dedication. To complete the acceptance of any dedication of land, the owner shall furnish to the Council a deed describing and conveying such lands to be recorded with the County Recorder.
(Ord. passed 9-11-1995)