Construction valuation shall be based on the adopted valuation published in the Building Safety Journal for the purpose of assessing building permit fees.
   (A)   The valuation of any structure not listed in this section or building safety valuation data shall be determined within the provisions of the adopted building codes.
   (B)   Building permit fees shall be based on the fee structure set forth in Table 1-A of the 1997 Uniform Building Code, except for the siting of manufacture homes the building permit fee shall be assessed at $0.27 per square foot.
   (C)   For residential projects listed below, the valuation shall be:
$19.50 sq. ft.
Decks with roof
$17 sq. ft.
Finished basements
$34.41 sq. ft.
Unfinished basements
$25.97 sq. ft.
   (D)   Where the residential basement is declared to be unfinished and, therefore, would be non- habitable space, the permit holder and/or owner is required to record a statement, attached to the deed, declaring the basement to be unfinished, prior to building occupancy. Windows in an unfinished basement are required to comply with the International Building Code.
   (E)   Dairy barns and related structures, where permitted, are classified as “industrial” for valuation purposes.
(Res. 11-05-2009, passed 11-3-2009)