§ 13-102  DEFINITIONS.
   For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CITY. The City of Holdrege and all of the territory within its present and future boundaries as defined by the city limits.
   CITY COUNCIL. The governing body.
   FRANCHISE AGREEMENT. An agreement entitled “franchise agreement” entered into between city and licensee which is enforceable by city and licensee and which sets forth the rights and obligations between city and licensee arising out of the franchise.
   FRANCHISEE, LICENSEE or GRANTEE. The person granted a franchise to operate a system under this chapter.
   PAY OR PAID TELEVISION. The delivery over system of per channel or per program audiovisual signals to a subscriber for a fee or charge, in addition to the charge for basic service.
   PERSON. Any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, individual or organization authorized to do business in the state or any natural person.
   PUBLIC PROPERTY. Any real property owned by city or any other governmental unit, other than a street.
   STREET. The surface of and the space above and below any public street, road, cartway, highway, freeway, lane, path, public way, alley, court, sidewalk, boulevard, parkway, drive or any easement or right-of-way now or hereafter held by the city which shall, within its proper use and meaning in the sole opinion of the city, entitle the licensee to the use thereof for the purpose of installing or transmitting over poles, wires, cables, conductors, ducts, conduits, vaults, manholes, amplifiers, appliances, attachments and other property as may be ordinarily necessary and pertinent to system.
   SUBSCRIBER or RATE PAYER. Any person or entity who lawfully subscribes to a service provided by a licensee by means of or in connection with a system and pays a fee, unless such fee is lawfully waived.
   SYSTEM. A broadband telecommunications system of antennas, cables, wires, lines, towers, waveguides or other conductors, converters, equipment or facilities, designed and constructed for the purpose of distributing video programming to home subscribers and for producing receiving, transmitting, amplifying and distributing audio, video, digital or other forms of electronic or electrical signals, located in city.
(2005 Code, § 13-102)