A.   Washing Vehicles On Street: The washing of an automobile or other vehicle in any street of the city is hereby prohibited. (1985 Code § 14-212)
   B.   Water And Mud Draining Onto Street: No automobile or other vehicle shall be washed at any place within the city where the water, dirt, mud or other substances removed therefrom by or during the washing thereof shall drain into or upon any street or sidewalk of the city. (1985 Code § 14-213)
   C.   Water From Filling Stations And Other Businesses: It is unlawful for any owner or operator of a filling station or other place of business, or any agent or employee thereof, to cause or allow water, grease or other fluid to flow or drain into, upon, over or across any sidewalk, parking, street, alley or other public way. (1985 Code § 14-214)