A.   Specifications; Permit:
      1.   No person shall install or lay any drainage pipe or culvert of less than twelve inch (12") diameter in the construction, repair, or alteration of any driveway, sidewalk or other private way, which drainage pipe or culvert when installed will be upon public property, with the exception that ten inch (10") steel or equivalent metal pipe or culverts may be used in flat areas of the city where adjoining drainage ditches are not sufficiently deep that any advantage could be gained from larger pipe or culverts.
      2.   All drainage pipes or culverts so installed in the city shall be either of steel or equivalent metal or concrete construction.
      3.   Such person shall first obtain a permit from the city clerk- treasurer with the approval of the street superintendent for work to be done. The word "person" as it appears herein shall mean person, firm, association, corporation, partnership or other groups of persons.
   B.   Inspection: It is the duty of the street superintendent to inspect each and every drainage tile installed within the corporate limits of the city and to enforce the provisions of this section. (1985 Code § 14-210)