A.   Enforcement Officials; Duties:
      1.   Street Superintendent, Duties:
         a.   The street superintendent of the city, under the supervision and control of the mayor, shall be the overseer of the streets, alleys, bridges, gutters and public grounds of the city. It is his duty to remove or cause to be removed all waste matter and substances, and all obstructions from the streets, avenues, alleys and public grounds of the city, and to see that all streets, avenues, alleys, bridges and culverts are kept in a good state of repair and in good condition, and to perform such duties as may be imposed upon him by the mayor and council of the city. (1985 Code § 14-101)
         b.   The street superintendent shall be the lawful custodian of all street tools, apparatus, implements, machinery, graders and other property or thing belonging to or used by him or his department, and shall be responsible therefor to the city, and shall account for and turn over the same to his successor. (1985 Code § 14-103)
      2.   City Engineer:
         a.   The office of city engineer is hereby created and established. The engineer shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the city council. He shall serve at the will and pleasure of the mayor and council and shall receive such compensation as the mayor and council shall provide. (1985 Code § 14-105)
         b.   It is the duty of the city engineer to prepare and keep on file in his office suitable and complete maps and blueprints of:
            (1)   The additions, annexations and disconnections of territory to the city as the same may have been made or may hereafter be made. Such maps shall include the original townsite;
            (2)   The waterworks system, showing the location and size of all water lines, fire hydrants, manholes, main valves and public hydrants or troughs;
            (3)   The storm and sanitary sewer system mains, submains and laterals and their size and elevation, including the established location for taps, manholes, catch basins and other equipment; and
            (4)   Sidewalks, crossings, curb and street grades and the datum plane. (1985 Code § 14-106)
         c.   It is the duty of the city engineer to prepare specifications, plans, blueprints and maps for sidewalk construction, paving and other street improvements. In connection with the same, he shall submit estimates of cost of such construction or repairs as the case may be as required by law or as ordered by the mayor and council. (1985 Code § 14-107)
         d.   The street commissioner, after consultation with the city inspector, shall approve all permits for the repair or construction of sidewalks, curbs, paving, bridges, culverts and crossings. He shall perform such other duties in connection with the same as are now or may hereafter be required of him by ordinance or the mayor and council. (1985 Code § 14-108; amd. 2004 Code)
         e.   The city engineer shall prepare and keep in his office at all times an inventory of all property of the city in his possession or which may come into his possession. He shall make a report at the last regular meeting in June of each year in which he shall show a complete invoice of all property of the city coming into his possession and a statement showing the condition of the same. He shall perform such other duties as are now or may hereafter be required of him by the mayor and council. (1985 Code § 14-109)
   B.   Council Determine And Direct Work: The city council may determine and direct when and upon what streets, avenues and alleys all labor shall be performed, and the manner and price to be paid for labor therefor, and may determine and direct all improvements and repairs thereon, and the material to be used and the price to be paid for the same. The street superintendent, however, shall be under the supervision and control of the mayor. (1985 Code § 14-102)
   C.   Placing Guards, Signals Near Excavations, Obstructions: It is the duty to see that proper and suitable guards and signals are placed about excavations, or other dangerous obstructions in any street, avenue, alley, sidewalk or public grounds within the city. (1985 Code § 14-104)