The central environmental goal of the town is to restore and preserve water quality and the natural ecological functions of the surface waters that are included in its planning area and to minimize the impact of flooding and runoff of pollutants on health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the town. In order to meet this important goal, the Town Stormwater Management chapter is adopted for the following purposes:
   (A)   To regulate existing developments, future developments, and construction activities according to state requirements and to institute additional mandatory requirements to prevent careless pollution of surface waters, damage to property due to excessive flooding and surface water runoff that causes damage to adjacent property.
   (B)   To establish the authority of the town to administer and enforce stormwater regulations.
   (C)   To create public education programs so that the citizens of the town will have knowledge of how to reduce and prevent pollution from their homes and businesses.
(Ord. 98-09, passed 5-28-98; Am. Ord. 99-18, passed 9-13-99)