The Board of Commissioners may amend the text regulations and zoning map according to the following procedures. The following action shall be taken by the applicant:
   (A)   Initiation of amendments. Proposed amendments may be initiated by the Town Commissioners, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, or by one or more interested parties.
   (B)   Application. An application for any amendment shall contain a description of the proposed zoning regulation or district boundary to be applied. Such application shall be filed with the Building Inspector not later than ten working days prior to the Planning Board meeting at which the application is to be considered.
   (C)   Fees. A fee of $250 shall be paid to the town for each application for an amendment to cover the costs of advertising and other administrative expense involved.
(‘85 Code, § 15-9.1) (Ord. 33, passed 10-5-81; Am. Ord. 4-84, passed 2-6-84; Am. Ord. 20-11, passed 9-3-20; Am. Ord. 21-10, passed 6-15-21)