(A)   Every mobile home park shall be located on a site of not less than three acres.
   (B)   Each mobile home lot shall contain a minimum area of 3,500 square feet; however, in no case shall the area occupied by structures exceed 40% of the total lot area.
   (C)   Every mobile home park shall comply with the Federal Insurance Administration, HUD Flood Regulations Chapter X, Part 1910 adopted by the town, and Chapter 154, Flood Damage Prevention.
   (D)   Every mobile home park shall be graded so as to prevent the accumulation or ponding of water and all surface water shall drain in such a way that will not endanger any water supply.
   (E)   The street system shall be designed to provide convenient circulation. It shall include no dead-end streets longer than 500 feet with the closed end terminating in a cul-de-sac with a minimum graded or paved diameter of 80 feet.
   (F)   Pavement or graded width of streets shall be 20 feet for two-way streets; for developments with less than 20 lots one-way streets will be permitted with minimum paved or graded width of 14 feet.
   (G)   Grades should be sufficient to insure adequate drainage (generally greater than 0.5%).
   (H)   Street intersections should be at right angles where possible but in no case less than 75 degrees. When a centerline offset occurs at an intersection, the distance between centerlines of the two intersecting streets shall not be less than 250 feet.
   (I)   All streets shall be designed and constructed in accordance with North Carolina Department of Transportation minimum construction standards for local residential subdivision roads.
   (J)   A buffer strip ten feet wide planted in grass with shrubs or trees shall be reserved as open space between any mobile home park and adjoining residential district.
   (K)   Every mobile home park and related structure shall comply with the State Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Air Conditioning Codes and any other applicable regulations of the town.
   (L)   Each mobile home lot shall be provided with and shall be connected to sanitary sewerage and water supply systems approved by the County Health Department. Where more than eight mobile homes are attached to a septic tank then the Division of Environmental Management must approve the system. ('85 Code, § 15-7.3) (Ord. 33, passed 10-5-81; Am. Ord. 4-84, passed 2-6-84; Am. Ord. 4-90, passed 4-2-9) Penalty, see § 157.999