(A)   When a nonconforming lot can be used in conformity with all of the regulations (other than the area or width requirements) applicable to the district in which the lot is located, such a use may be made as of right. Otherwise, the nonconforming lot may be used only in accordance with a special use permit issued by the Board of Adjustment. The Board shall issue such a permit if it finds that:
      (1)   The proposed use is one permitted by the regulations applicable to the district in which the property is located; and
      (2)   The property can be developed as proposed without any significant negative impact on the surrounding property or the public health, safety, or welfare. In issuing the permit authorized by this section, the Board may allow deviations from applicable dimensional requirements (such as setback lines and yard size minimums) if it finds that no reasonable use of the property can be made without such deviations.
   (B)   Whenever this chapter creates a nonconforming lot and the owner of the nonconforming lot also owns land adjacent to it, and a portion of this other land can be combined with the nonconforming lot to create a conforming lot (without thereby creating other nonconformities), the owner of the nonconforming lot, or his successor in interest, may not take advantage of the provisions of division (A) of this section.
(‘85 Code, § 15-4.2) (Ord. 33, passed 10-5-81; Am. Ord. 21-10, passed 6-15-21) Penalty, see § 157.999