(A)   Bed and breakfast homes offering accommodations to no more than six persons shall be allowed in R-2, Residential Zones.
   (B)   Bed and breakfast homes offering accommodations to no more than eight persons shall be allowed in C-1 Commercial Zones only.
   (C)   Bed and breakfast homes shall be registered at Town Hall annually before beginning operation thereof, giving the name of the owner or operator, address, accommodations offered and period of operation.
   (D)   Evidence shall be provided that the facility is in full compliance with the North Carolina Administrative Code administered by the Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, Division of Health Services, pertaining to bed and breakfast homes.
   (E)   A minimum of one off-street parking space shall be provided for each bedroom and other room used for sleeping in bed and breakfast homes.
   (F)   There shall be no sign visible from the outside of the building identifying the premises as a bed and breakfast home or facility except as permitted under § 157.079 of this subchapter and specifically in the following districts: R-2 Residential, § 157.079(I), and C-1 Commercial, § 157.(J)(1), provided the sign area shall not exceed four square feet.
   (G)   A business license shall be required, the fee for which shall be $10 annually.
('85 Code, § 15-6.17) (Ord. 13-87, passed 8-3-87) Penalty, see § 157.999