(A)   The correct street number shall be clearly visible from the street on all buildings. Numbers shall be block letters, not script, and of a color clearly in contrast with that of the building and shall be a minimum of six inches in height. Numbers shall be provided on each unit in a duplex or multiple unit building and shall consist of the building number with a suffix letter (A, B, C, and the like). Numbers existing on the effective date of this chapter and at least four inches high and clearly visible from the street shall be allowed to remain. Replacement numbers shall comply with this section.
   (B)   Beach front buildings will also have clearly visible house numbers from the strand side meeting the above criteria on size, contrast, etc. Placement shall be on vertical column supporting deck(s) or deck roof on the primary structure. If no such condition exists for the building, or if a clearer line of sight position exists on the building, the numbers shall also be affixed to the primary structure. For buildings with a setback of over 300 feet from the first dune line, a vertical post shall be erected aside the walkway with house numbers affixed. The post shall not exceed eight feet in height above the base of the walkway. The post will be placed on the highest elevation of the walkway within 300 feet of the first dune line. In all cases the numbers must be clearly visible from the strand. Other placements may be acceptable with approval of the Building Inspector.
('85 Code, § 15-6.16) (Ord. 12-86, passed 10-6-86; Am. Ord. 91-03, passed 3-4-91; Am. Ord. 01-07, passed 7-23-01) Penalty, see § 157.999