(A)   Uses in conjunction with the provision of municipal and other governmental-related facilities, services and activities are permitted in all zoning districts in the town. The town will ensure that municipal operations and facilities will be screened from the view of adjacent properties and public streets if they are determined to be deleterious to the character of those adjacent properties.
   (B)   The following customary uses are generally considered government services uses:
      (1)   Municipal/governmental office buildings and accessory structures.
      (2)   Material and equipment maintenance and storage buildings.
      (3)   Emergency operations facilities and activities, including electric power generation.
      (4)   Police, fire and emergency rescue facilities.
      (5)   Material storage yards.
      (6)   Above ground petroleum/oils/ lubrication storage/distribution facilities.
      (7)   Electronic communications antennas, which shall have no limitations as to height.
      (8)   Memorials, parks and public recreational facilities.
      (9)   Telephone/electric power distribution substations.
      (10)   Water and sewer pumping/treatment/ distribution facilities, which shall have no limitations as to height.
      (11)   Public parking lots.
      (12)   Municipal/governmental service training facilities.
      (13)   Stormwater management structures.
      (14)   Artificial fences and retaining walls.
      (15)   Material recycling centers/facilities.
      (16)   Automated teller/cash distribution facilities/telephone units.
      (17)   Any other facility/activity/material consistent with municipal and/or governmental operations.
(Ord. 00-18, passed 7-24-00; Am. Ord. 06-01, passed 1-9-06)