(A)   The Conservation Conditional Zoning is established as a district in which the principal use of land, like the Conservation Zoning, is the effective long-term management and protection of significant, limited, or irreplaceable areas. Management is needed due to the natural, cultural, recreational, scenic, or natural productive values of local, regional, state, and national concern.
   (B)   Projects and activities may occur within Conservation Special Use classified areas consistent with the protection provided for by the regulations (Federal, State and Local).
   (C)   It is also the intent of the Conservation Special Use District to perpetuate the natural, productive, scenic, cultural, and recreational features of the coastal zone.
   (D)   (1)   Activities within this zone may include the following:
         (a)   Marine and wetlands research;
         (b)   Environmental and ecological studies; and
         (c)   Educational and recreational programs related to the above.
      (2)   Such activity may require temporary or permanent structures or facilities.
      (3)   Any temporary use must be limited to no more than six months, with periodic renewal; upon completion, the lands will be restored to their original state.
      (4)   Permanent and temporary use will be consistent with divisions (A), (B) and (C) above.
      (5)   For any specific use of these lands, application must be made to the Planning and Zoning Board for review including, but not exclusive to, a prospective plan and procedures with facilities and resources to be employed. Upon review, the project will be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners for consideration and disposition.
('85 Code, § 15-5.4) (Ord. 93-05, passed 2-17-93; Am. Ord. 02-03, passed 2-25-02)