(A)   No structure shall be erected on a canal lot prior to bulkheading; bulkheading to be on a line established by the Corps of Engineers and CAMA staff. Any lot on a canal with depth of less than 75 feet between the established bulkhead line and the front property line shall be unbuildable. Canal lots which have a minimum depth of 75 feet may be developed. This depth shall be the average depth of the lot measured from front to back at ten-foot intervals across the width of the lot. This provision does not affect the yard requirements.
   (B)   No erosion shall be permitted as a result of poorly constructed or worn bulkheads. Repairs will be based on the ability of the bulkhead to prevent erosion of soil and sedimentation, not on the age of, or original materials used in the bulkhead. Any bulkhead allowing soil or sediment to travel under, over, around, or through it will be in violation and will require repair. As enforcement official for this chapter, the Building Inspector will require corrective action within 90 days of the first notice to the owner. If the repair cost will exceed 50% of the cost of a new bulkhead the owner will be required to replace the bulkhead with a new structure meeting the current building code.
   (C)   Bulkhead repair standards. A bulkhead will need repairing under any one or more of the following conditions:
      (1)   Where the structure deteriorates enough to allow sediment to filter through into a canal.
      (2)   When any sediment goes under the bulkhead, as indicated by sinkholes behind bulkhead.
      (3)   When the top of bulkhead leans waterward due to failing dead man anchors.
   (D)   Bulkheads on canal lots. Bulkheads are required on all canal lots. Every property located on Holden Beach must be brought into compliance with this requirement by February 10, 2012. For purposes of this section “all canal lots” is construed to mean the entrance, feeder and finger canals of the Harbor Acres, Heritage Harbor and Holden Beach Harbor subdivisions. Specifically excluded are lots bordering the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, except where they may abut the entrance, feeder and finger canals within the aforementioned subdivisions.
   (E)   In addition to the penalties and remedies allowed in § 157.999(A)(1) of this chapter, violators of this section will be subject to a civil fine as provided in § 157.999(A)(3) for each day the violation continues.
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