§ 157.003 PURPOSE; INTENT.
   (A)   The purpose of this chapter is to promote the comfort, health, safety, aesthetics, and general welfare of the town. ('85 Code, § 15-2.3)
   (B)   It is the general intent of this chapter to:
      (1)   Regulate and restrict the use of all structures, lands, and waters within the town limits.
      (2)   Regulate and restrict lot coverage, population density and distribution, and the location and size of all structures within the town limits.
      (3)   Implement the Town Land Use Plan: prepared in accordance with the Coastal Area Management Act of 1974 and adopted by the town so as to:
         (a)   Secure safety from fire, flooding, panic, and other dangers.
         (b)   Provide adequate light, air, sanitation, drainage.
         (c)   Further the appropriate use of land, and conservation of natural resources.
         (d)   Obtain the wise use, conservation, development, and protection of the community's water, soil, wetlands, woodland, and wildlife resources, and attain a balance between land uses and the ability of the natural resource base to support and sustain such uses.
         (e)   Prevent overcrowding, and avoid undue population concentration and urban sprawl.
         (f)   Stabilize and protect the natural beauty and property values.
         (g)   Lessen congestion in and promote the safety and efficiency of the streets and highways.
         (h)   Facilitate the adequate provision of public facilities and utilities.
         (i)   Preserve natural growth and cover and promote the natural beauty of the community. ('85 Code, § 15-2.4) (Ord. 33, passed 10-5-81; Am. Ord. 4-90, passed 4-2-90)