§ 156.43 FINAL PLAT.
   (A)   Improvements installation or guarantee. Upon approval of the preliminary plat by the Planning and Zoning Board, the subdivider may proceed with the preparation of the final plat and the installation or arrangement for required improvements in accordance with the approved preliminary plat and the requirements of this chapter. Prior to the approval of a final plat, the subdivider shall have installed improvements specified in this chapter or guaranteed their installation as provided.
   (B)   Performance guarantee. In lieu of prior construction of the improvements required by this chapter, the town shall, for the purpose of approving a final plat, accept a guarantee from the subdivider that such improvements will be carried out according to the town's specifications at his expense. Such a guarantee may be in the form of:
      (1)   A surety bond made by a surety company licensed to do business in North Carolina;
      (2)   Certified check or cash deposited in a joint savings account with the Town Clerk. As a percentage of the project is completed, a proportionate amount may be withdrawn by the developer provided the Board of Commissioners approves.
      (3)   A "Letter of Credit" from a lending institution that specifies a limit of credit which will be extended to a developer upon request. Such guarantee shall be in an amount of not less than 110% nor more than 125% of the estimated cost of the construction of the required improvements. This amount shall be determined by the Board of Commissioners. (Performance guarantees shall run until this phase is accepted by the town.)
   (C)   Final plat review contingent upon execution of guarantees. No final plat will be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board unless accompanied by written notice from the Town Manager acknowledging compliance with the guaranteed provision of this chapter.
   (D)   The final plat. The final plat shall constitute only that portion of the preliminary plat which the subdivider proposes to record and develop at the time. Such portion shall conform to all requirements of this chapter. No final plat shall be approved unless and until the subdivider shall have installed in that area represented on the final plat all improvements required by this chapter or shall have guaranteed their installation as provided for in subsections (A) and (B) of this section.
   (E)   Plat submitted. The subdivider shall submit the final plat to the Chairman of the Planning and Zoning Board or his designee not less than 21 days prior to the Planning and Zoning Board meeting, at which it will be considered for approval. Further, the plat shall be submitted not more than 12 months after the date on which the preliminary plat was approved. Otherwise, such approval shall be null and void unless a written extension of this time limit is granted by the Planning and Zoning Board on or before the one-year anniversary of the approval.
   (F)   Plat prepared. The final plat, as defined in subsection (D) of this section, shall be prepared by a surveyor or professional engineer licensed to practice in the state. The final plat shall substantially conform to the preliminary plat as it was approved. The final plat shall conform to the provisions of G.S. § 47-30.
   (G)   Number of copies and graphic media. 12 copies of the final plat shall be submitted. Three of these shall be drawn in ink or on film suitable for reproduction. Nine shall be black or blue line paper prints.
   (H)   Size of plat and scale. Final plats may have an outside marginal size of not more than 21" x 30" nor less than 8½" x 11", including 1½" border on each of the other sides. Where size of land areas or suitable scale to assure legibility require, maps may be placed on two or more sheets with appropriate match lines. Final plats shall be drawn at a scale on 1" = 200', or greater.
   (I)   Administrative fees. Submission of the final plat must be accompanied by a filing fee as established in the fee schedule adopted by the Board of Commissioners, which shall be available at the office of the Town Clerk.
   (J)   Certification required. The following signed certificates shall appear on all copies of the final plat which are submitted to the Planning and Zoning Board by the subdivider:
      (1)   Certificate of ownership and dedication.
      I hereby certify that I am the owner of the property shown and described hereon, which is located in the subdivision jurisdiction of the Town of Holden Beach, and that I hereby adopt this plan of subdivision with my free consent, established minimum building setback lines, and dedicate all streets, alleys, walks, parks, and other sites and easements to public or private use as noted. Furthermore, I hereby dedicate all sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water lines to the Town of Holden Beach.
      Date         Owner(s)
      (2)   Certificate of survey and accuracy.
      I,                , certify that this map was (drawn by me) (drawn under my supervision) from (an actual survey made by me) (an actual survey made under my supervision) (deed description recorded in Book ___, Page ___, Book ___, Page ___, etc.) (Other); that the error of closure as calculated by latitudes and departures is 1:           ; that the boundaries not surveyed are shown as broken lines plotted from information found in Book ___, Page ___; that this map was prepared in accordance with G.S. § 47-30 as amended. Witness my hand and seal this ___ day of __________, A.D., 19__.
   Registered Surveyor or Professional Engineer
      (3)   Certificate or approval of the design and installation of streets, utilities, and other required improvements.
      I hereby certify that all streets, utilities and other required improvements have been installed in an acceptable manner and according to Town of Holden Beach specifications and standards in the            Subdivision or that guarantees of the installation of the required improvements in an amount and manner satisfactory to the Town of Holden Beach has been received and that the filing fee for this plat, in the amount of $20, has been paid.
      (Code Enforcement Officer)
   (K)   Contents required. The final plat shall depict or contain the following information. A plat not illustrating or containing the following information shall be returned to the subdivider or his authorized agent for completion and resubmission.
      (1)   The name of the subdivision;
      (2)   The exact boundary lines of the tract to be subdivided fully dimensioned by lengths and bearings, and the location of intersecting boundary lines of adjoining lands;
      (3)   Scale denoted both graphically and numerically;
      (4)   The plans for utility layouts shall be on a sketch separate from the final plat and shall include storm sewers, water distribution lines, telephone and electric service, illustrating connections to existing systems or plans for individual water supply systems and/or sewage disposal systems. Plans must show line sizes, the location of fire hydrants, blowoffs, manholes, pumps, force mains, and gate valves. If actual installations vary from plans submitted, an "as built" drawing must be submitted to the Town Manager showing the variance;
      (5)   Street names;
      (6)   The location, purpose, and dimensions of areas to be used for purposes other than residential;
      (7)   Minimum building setback lines;
      (8)   The name of owners of adjoining properties and any adjoining subdivisions of record (or proposed and under review);
      (9)   The location and dimensions of all rights-of-way, utility or other easements, riding trails, natural buffers, pedestrian or bicycle paths, and areas to be dedicated to public use with the purpose of each stated;
      (10)   Right-of-way lines, and pavement widths of all streets and the location and width of all adjacent streets and easement;
      (11)   Property lines, buildings or other structures, water courses, bridges, culverts, storm drains, both on the land to be subdivided and on the land immediately adjoining corporate limits, township boundaries, and county lines;
      (12)   Sufficient engineering data to determine readily and reproduce on the ground every straight or curved boundary line, street line, lot line, right-of-way line, easement line, and set back line, including dimensions, bearings, or deflection angles, radii, central angles, and tangent distances for the center line of curved streets and curved property lines that are not the boundary of curved streets. All dimensions shall be measured to the nearest 0.1 foot and all angles to the nearest minute;
      (13)   The accurate locations and descriptions of all monuments, markers, and control points;
      (14)   The blocks will be lettered consecutively throughout the entire subdivision and the lots will be numbered consecutively throughout each block with appropriate street number identification for each lot;
      (15)   The deed restriction and any other covenants proposed for the subdivision;
      (16)   The date of the survey and plat preparation;
      (17)   North arrow and declination;
      (18)   All certifications as required by subsection (J) of this section;
      (19)   The name(s) of the township(s), county(ies), and state in which the subdivision is located;
      (20)   The name(s), address(es), and telephone number(s) of the owner(s), registered surveyor(s), land planner(s), architect(s), landscape architect(s), and professional engineer(s) responsible for the subdivision and the registration number(s) and seal(s) of the professional engineer(s) and registered surveyor(s);
      (21)   Any other information considered by either the subdivider or the Planning and Zoning Board to be pertinent to the review of the final plat.
(Ord. 98-19, passed 9-28-98; Am. Ord. 08-07, passed 6-24-08) Penalty, see § 156.99