For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ALLEY. A minor right-of-way privately or publicly owned, primarily for service access to the back or side of properties.
   BUILDING SETBACK LINE. A line parallel to the front property line in front of which no structure shall be erected.
   DEDICATION. A gift, by the owner, of his property to another party without any consideration being given for the transfer. Since a transfer of property is involved, the dedication is made by written instrument and is completed with an acceptance.
   DOUBLE FRONTAGE LOT. A continuous (through) lot which is accessible from both streets upon which it fronts.
   EASEMENT. A grant by the property owner of a strip of land for a specified purpose and use by the public, a corporation, or a person.
   LOT. A portion of a subdivision, or any other parcel of land for a specified purpose for transfer of ownership or for development or both.
   OFFICIAL MAPS OR PLANS. Any maps or plans officially adopted by the Board of Commissioners as a guide to the development of Holden Beach.
   OPEN SPACE. An area (land and/or water) generally lacking in man-made structures and reserved for enjoyment in its unaltered state.
   PLAT. A map or plan of a parcel of land which is to be or has been subdivided.
   PRIVATE DRIVEWAY. A roadway serving two or fewer lots, building sites or other divisions of land and not intended to be public ingress or egress.
   PUBLIC SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEM. A system serving two or more dwelling units and approved by the Brunswick County Health Department and the North Carolina Department of Natural and Economic Resources, Environmental Management Division.
   PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY. Any water supply furnishing potable water to ten or more residences or businesses, or combination of residences or businesses. Approval by the Sanitary Engineering Section, Health Service Division and Department of Human Resources is required.
   RECREATION AREA OR PARK. An area of land or combination of land and water resources that is developed for active and/or passive recreation pursuits with various man-made features that accommodate such activities.
   RESERVATION. A reservation of land does not involve any transfer of property rights. It simply constitutes an obligation to keep property free from development for a stated period.
   SINGLE-TIER LOT. A lot which backs upon a limited access highway, a physical barrier, or another type of land use and to which access from the rear is usually prohibited.
   STREET. A dedicated and accepted public right-of-way for vehicular traffic. The following classifications shall apply for urban streets:
      (1)   Minor thoroughfares. Minor thoroughfares are important streets in the town system and perform the function of collecting traffic from local access streets and carrying it to the major thoroughfare system. Minor thoroughfares may be used to supplement the major thoroughfare system by facilitating a minor through-traffic movement and may also serve abutting property.
      (2)   Local street. A local street is any link not a higher order urban system and serves primarily to provide direct access to abutting land and access to higher systems. It offers the lowest level of mobility, and through traffic is usually deliberately terminated and a vehicular turn around provided.
      (3)   Cul-de-sac. A cul-de-sac is a short street having but one end open to traffic and the other end being permanently terminated and a vehicular turn around provided.
      (4)   Frontage road. A frontage road is a local street or road that is parallel to a full or partial access-controlled facility and functions to provide access to adjacent land.
      (5)   Alley. A strip of land, owned publicly or privately, set aside primarily for vehicular service access to the back or side of properties otherwise abutting on a street.
   SUBDIVIDER. Any person, firm or corporation who subdivides or develops any land deemed to be a subdivision as herein defined.
   SUBDIVISION REGULATION. A subdivision regulation authorized by G.S. Ch. 160D, Art. 8 (§§ 160D-801 et seq.).
(Ord. 98-19, passed 9-28-98; Am. Ord. 21-10, passed 6-15-21)