The Planning and Zoning Board shall consist of five regular members and two alternate members. All members shall be residents of the town. Appointments shall normally be made as of July 1 of each year. Regular members shall be appointed for staggered terms of three years, alternate members for one year, provided that vacancies occurring for reasons other than expiration of term shall be filled as they occur for the unexpired remainder of the term. No regular member shall serve for more than two consecutive terms, and a member having served two consecutive terms shall not be eligible for reappointment until after remaining off the Board for one year. For this purpose, a regular member appointed to fill a vacancy for more than one-half of a term shall be considered as having served a full term. Faithful attendance at meetings of the Board shall be considered a prerequisite to continued membership. Any member missing three consecutive meetings unexcused or six meetings in any calendar year shall be removed.
('85 Code, § 15A-2) (Ord. 2-89, passed 2-6-89; Am. Ord. 91-05, passed 5-6-91)