(A)   Creation of the position. The designated local official of the Coastal Area Management Act permit management plan shall be the Building Inspector or the Development Services Officer.
   (B)   Qualifications.
      (1)   The Local CAMA Permit Officer shall have at least a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience with construction in a coastal area.
      (2)   Within one year after appointment to the position, the Local CAMA Permit Officer shall successfully complete the training course offered by the Coastal Resources Commission and the Department of Natural and Economic Resources.
   (C)   Appointment. There shall be designated a Local CAMA Permit Officer.
   (D)   Duties; general. 
      (1)   The Permit Officer shall administer and enforce in duly designated areas of environmental concern the Coastal Area Management Act, the minor development permit process as herein established, all applicable local ordinances, and all other guidelines and standards established by the Commission and the Town Board of Commissioners pursuant to the Coastal Area Management Act. The Permit Officer shall be available both in an advisory capacity and as a liaison between major permit applicants and the Commission for the purpose of facilitating efficient disposition of major permit applications. The Permit Officer shall assist in identifying and assessing projects of greater than local concern (for example, projects of regional, state, and national concern). The Permit Officer shall also be responsible for implementing any procedures recommended by the Board of Commissioners of the town for the purpose of coordinating the Coastal Area Management Act minor development permit with other locally required permits. Such locally required permits and approvals include but are not limited to plumbing permits, mechanical permits, electrical permits, building permits, septic tank permits, zoning permits, and flood insurance.
      (2)   (Reserved)
      (3)   The Permit Officer shall immediately notify the Town Attorney and Town Manager of any suit filed against the town because of minor development permit disposition or other functions of the CAMA program. The Town Manager shall notify the Board of Commissioners immediately.
      (4)   The Permit Officer shall inform the Board of his intent to initiate any suit arising out of the Coastal Area Management Act management program. The initiation of any suit requires Board of Commissioners approval.
      (5)   The Permit Officer shall use his knowledge of the Coastal Area Management Act program and consultation with other permitting agencies to assess the regional or national impact of certain projects and to so inform the Town Board of Commissioners and the Coastal Resources Commission.
   (E)   Records. 
      (1)   The Local CAMA Permit Officer shall prepare and forward to the Commission and the Secretary a quarterly summary of all permit applications and dispositions.
      (2)   (Reserved)
      (3)   He shall keep correct and comprehensive records of all transactions related to minor development permit disposition and shall maintain such records so long as any part of the structure or entity to which it relates remains in existence; or, in the case of denials, for a period of ten years.
      (4)   The applications shall be numbered consecutively according to a two-part number: a two-digit part noting the year separated from the four digit counting part by a hyphen (Example - the first application in 1978 would be 78-0001). A permit issued shall bear the number of the application.
   (F)   Availability. Records shall be available at Town Hall.
   (G)   Support. The Permit Officer shall share a full-time secretary who will maintain the office during regular business hours.
('85 Code, § 8-3.3) (Ord. 28, passed - -; Am. Ord. 00-15, passed 6-26-00; Am. Ord. 02-10, passed 7-8-02)