With respect to all mobile homes located or so located in the future within the town limits, the following specific set-up regulations shall apply:
   (A)   Excavation. Depth of excavation of trenches for walls and piers shall be carried below the frost line but in no case less than six inches into undisturbed soil. Bearings for footings or foundations may be permitted on controlled fills (95% compaction).
   (B)   Footings. The area of footings shall be sufficient to distribute the superimposed loads uniformly and shall bear on undisturbed earth. The concrete for footings shall have a minimum strength of 2,500 pounds per square inch and be a minimum of six inches thick. The footings shall project at least three inches from the face of a load-bearing wall and a minimum of two and one-half square feet is required under each pier.
   (C)   Foundations, walls and piers. Foundation walls shall be not less than eight inches in thickness except that four-inch curtain walls bonded into piers may be used. Foundation walls and piers shall be bonded with type M or type S mortar. Piers shall be of sufficient strength and size to resist overturning and sliding due to lateral wind forces on the structure but in no case less than the following:
      (1)   Solid masonry - 8 inches x 12 inches;
      (2)   Hollow masonry - 8 inches x 16 inches;
      (3)   Poured concrete - 8 inches x 12 inches or 10 inches in diameter;
      (4)   Piers - In lieu of the above, doubled stacked 8 x 8 x 16-inch masonry block crisscrossed each course, may be accepted without mortar joints. Where the pier is not more than three blocks high and the pier rests on a concrete footing or concrete slab, a single 8 x 8 x 16-inch block pier is acceptable without mortar joints.
   (D)   Anchorage to foundation. Each mobile home must be tied to the foundation at not more than eight-foot intervals by a one-half-inch diameter anchor or equivalent running from the frame of the structure to the footing. All such mobile homes shall have as additional anchorage, a tie or strap over the top of the mobile home and attached to the ground anchors at each end of the mobile home, and two such straps located across the top along the body of the home as nearly equally spaced as possible, taking into consideration door and window spacing and anchor points on the home and foundation. Such tie straps shall be stainless steel metal. The manufacturer should make provisions for all installations of these bolts at the point of manufacture. Other methods of tying the structure into the foundation as designed by a registered architect or registered engineer will be acceptable, provided they are fully detailed and noted on drawings filed with the Inspection Department.
('85 Code, § 13-3) (Ord. 24, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 10.99