The director of the town inspections department that enforces the North Carolina State Residential Building Code, or his or her designee, is hereby designated as the officer to enforce the provisions of this chapter and to exercise the duties and powers herein prescribed. It shall be the duty of this officer or his or her agents:
   (A)   To investigate the dwelling conditions, and to inspect dwellings and dwelling units located in the town, in order to determine which dwellings and dwelling units are unfit for human habitation, and for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of this chapter with respect to such dwellings or dwelling units;
   (B)   To take such action, together with other appropriate departments and agencies, public and private, as may be necessary to effect rehabilitation of housing which is deteriorated;
   (C)   To keep a record of the results of inspections made under this chapter and an inventory of those dwellings that do not meet the minimum standards of fitness herein prescribed; and
   (D)   To perform such other duties as may be herein prescribed.
(Ord. 10-04, passed 2-9-10)