(A)   The Board of Commissioners of the town hereby establishes pursuant to G.S. Chapters 113A, and 113B that any special purpose unit of government or developer of any major development project significantly affecting the quality of the environment of this state shall submit a detailed statement setting forth the following:
      (1)   The environmental impact of the proposed action.
      (2)   Any significant adverse environmental effects which cannot be avoided should the proposal be implemented.
      (3)   Mitigation measures proposed to minimize the impact.
      (4)   Alternatives to the proposed action known to the person submitting the statement, including:
         (a)   Alternative uses of the land in question; and
         (b)   Alternative ways (involving other lands) to achieve the purposes of the proposed project.
      (5)   The relationship between the short-term uses of the environment involved in the proposed action and the maintenance and enhancement of long-term productivity.
      (6)   Any irreversible and irretrievable environment changes which would be involved in the proposed action, should it be implemented.
   (B)   At least ten copies of the environmental impact statement shall be filed with the Town Clerk for action by the Board of Commissioners and transmittal to affected state and federal agencies. One copy shall be placed in a file at the office of the Town Clerk and shall be made available for inspection by the public.
   (C)   Guidelines relating to the preparation of environmental statements under G.S. § 113A-4 shall apply in the preparation of the statement required by this section.
('85 Code, § 12-2) (Ord. 11, passed - - )