§ 150.02 DEFINITION.
   For the purpose of this chapter, MAJOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECT shall mean and include shopping centers, subdivisions, and other housing developments, industrial and commercial projects, and projects involving dredging or filling, and any project which involves any change (by bulldozing, cutting of trees or vegetation, or otherwise) of more than 50% of the surface area of any proposed project, but shall not include any projects of less than two contiguous acres in extent. Any project significantly affecting the quality of the environment includes (without limitation) projects that may have a detrimental impact on air or water quality or on ambient noise levels for adjoining areas; that involve a possibility of contamination of a public or domestic water supply system or source; or will affect fish, wildlife, ground water, flooding, erosion, or sedimentation.
('85 Code, § 12-3) (Ord. 11, passed - - )