§ 52.140 GENERAL.
   (A)   The city, through the Superintendent or his or her designee, to ensure compliance with this chapter, and as permitted through 40 C.F.R. Subch. N and 401 KAR 5:055, may take the following enforcement steps against users in non-compliance with this subchapter. The remedies available to the POTW include injunctive relief, civil and criminal penalties, immediate discontinuance of discharges and/or water service and the publishing of the list of significant violators annually. The enforcement authority shall be vested in the Superintendent or his or her designee.
   (B)   The Superintendent may suspend the waste water treatment service and/or an industrial user permit when such suspension is necessary, in the opinion of the city, in order to stop an actual or threatened discharge which presents or may present an imminent or substantial endangerment to the health or welfare of persons, to the environment, causes interference to the POTW or causes the city to violate any condition of its NPDES/KPDES permit.
   (C)   Any user notified of a suspension of the waste water treatment service and/or the industrial user permit shall immediately stop or eliminate the contribution. In the event of a failure of the person to comply voluntarily with the suspension order, the city shall take such steps as deemed necessary including immediate severance of the sewer connection, to prevent or minimize damage to the POTW system or endangerment to any individuals. The city shall reinstate the industrial user permit and/or the waste water treatment service upon proof of the elimination of the non-complying discharge. A detailed written statement submitted by the user describing the causes of the harmful contribution and the measures taken to prevent any future occurrence shall be submitted to the city within 15 days of the date of occurrence.
(Ord. 2014-01, passed 6-9-2014)