(A)   General. All significant industrial users proposing to connect to or to contribute to the POTW shall obtain an industrial user permit before connecting to or contributing to the POTW.
   (B)   Permit application. Users required to obtain an industrial user permit shall complete and file with the city, an application in the form prescribed by the city, and accompanied by a permit fee. New users shall apply at least 90 days prior to connecting to or contributing to the POTW. Existing permit holder shall apply no later than 60 days prior to expiration of permit. In support of the application, the user shall submit, in units and terms appropriate for evaluation, the following information:
      (1)   Name, address and location if different from the address;
      (2)   SIC number(s) according to the Standard Industrial Classification Manual, United States Bureau of the Budget, 1972, as amended;
      (3)   Waste water constituents and characteristics as determined by an analytical laboratory acceptable to the city; sampling and analysis shall be performed in accordance with procedures established by the EPA pursuant to § 304(g) of the Clean Water Act, being 33 U.S.C. §§ 1251 et seq. and contained in 40 C.F.R. part 136, as amended;
      (4)   Time and duration of contribution;
      (5)   Average daily and 30-minute peak waste water flow rates, including daily, monthly and seasonal variations if any;
      (6)   Site plans, floor plans, mechanical and plumbing plans and details to show all sewers, sewer connections and appurtenances by the size, location and elevation;
      (7)   Description of activities, facilities and plant processes on the premises including all materials which are or could be discharged;
      (8)   Where known, the nature and concentration of any pollutants in the discharge which are limited by the city, state or federal pretreatment standards, and a statement regarding whether or not the pretreatment standards are being met on a consistent basis and if not, whether additional pretreatment is required for the user to meet applicable pretreatment standards;
      (9)   (a)   If additional pretreatment will be required to meet the pretreatment standards, the shortest schedule by which the user will provide such additional pretreatment. The completion date in this schedule shall not be later than the compliance date established for the applicable pretreatment standards;
         (b)   The following conditions shall apply to this schedule.
            1.   The schedule must be acceptable to the city.
            2.   The schedule shall contain increments of progress in the form of dates for the commencement and completion of major events leading to the construction and operation of additional pretreatment required for the user to meet the applicable pretreatment standards.
            3.   Not later than 14 days following each date in the schedule and the final date for compliance, the user shall submit a progress report to the Superintendent including, as a minimum, whether or not it complied with the increment of progress to be met on such date and, if not, the date on which it expects to comply with this increment of progress and the reason for delay, and the steps being taken by the user to return the construction to the schedule established.
      (10)   Each product produced by type, amount, process or processes and the rate of production;
      (11)   Type and amount of raw materials processed (average and maximum per day);
      (12)   Number of employees and hours of operation of plant and proposed or actual hours of operation of pretreatment system;
      (13)   Any other information as may be deemed by the city to be necessary to evaluate the permit application; and
      (14)   A copy of the industry’s written environmental control program, comparable document or policy.
   (C)   Issuance. The city shall evaluate the data furnished by the user and may require additional information. After evaluation and acceptance of the data furnished, the City Engineer or his or her designee may issue an industrial waste water discharge permit subject to terms and conditions provided herein.
(Ord. 2014-01, passed 6-9-2014)