(A)   Where a public sanitary sewer is not available under the provisions of §§ 52.015 through 52.019 of this chapter, the building sewer shall be connected, until the public sewer is available, to a private waste water disposal system complying with the provisions of the county’s Health Department and all applicable local and state regulations.
   (B)   The owner shall operate and maintain the private sewage disposal facilities in a sanitary manner at all times, at no expense to the city.
   (C)   No statement contained in this subchapter shall be construed to interfere with any additional requirements that may be imposed by applicable local or state regulations.
   (D)   Holders of NPDES/KPDES permits maybe excepted. Industries with current NPDES/KPDES permits may discharge at permitted discharge points; provided, they are in compliance with the issuing authority.
(Ord. 2014-01, passed 6-9-2014)