All signs in all zones shall meet the following requirements:
   (A)   Illuminated signs shall be located in a fashion which prevents all direct rays of light from shining beyond the property lines of the lot on which the sign is located.
   (B)   No light, sign, or other advertising device shall be designed or erected to imitate or resemble any official traffic sign, signal, or device or use any words, phrases, symbols, or characters implying the existence of danger, or the need to stop or maneuver the vehicle.
   (C)   No sign shall be attached to or painted on the surface of any tree, utility pole, or street light.
   (D)   Projecting signs shall have at least seven of clearance above a road or sidewalk.
   (E)   Neon or other lighted tubing signs shall not be permitted except where such lighting is used behind solid lettering to produce a “halo” effect, or where it is used indirectly. Neon lighting shall not be used to outline buildings, structures, or ornamental features.
   (F)   No sign, except for government signs, shall be located within the sight triangle of any intersection. 
   (G)   No sign shall be placed in or project into the public or private street right-of-way, except as specifically permitted herein.
   (H)   Freestanding, monument, and projecting face sign area shall be computed as follows:
      (1)   Double-faced signs shall have only one face counted in calculating the area.
      (2)   Sign with more than two faces shall have the area calculated by summing the area of all sign faces and dividing by two.
      (3)   The area enclosing the perimeter of each cabinet shall be calculated to determine the area.
      (4)   The perimeter of the measurable area shall not include embellishments (e.g., pole covers, framing, or decorative roofing) provided there is no written copy on such embellishments.
      (5)   Maximum height shall be measured from the finished grade at the center of the sign and shall include the sign's base.
   (I)   Every sign, including those for which a permit is not required, shall be maintained in good condition at all times.
(Ord. 2017-18, passed 11-6-17)