All pet shops, as defined herein, including pet shops run in conjunction with another holding facility, shall, in addition to the other requirements of this chapter, comply with the minimum standards of this section. Failure to meet these standards shall be grounds for denial of or revocation of a business license and the issuance of a citation subjecting the owner to the penalties herein. Law enforcement shall have the authority to inspect the premises of any pet shop for compliance with this chapter.
   (A)   There shall be available hot water at a minimum temperature of 160° degrees for washing cages and disinfecting and cold water easily accessible to all parts of the shop. Fresh water shall be available to all species at all times. Containers are to be cleaned and disinfected each day. All water containers shall be mounted so the animal cannot turn them over and be removable for cleaning.
   (B)   Room temperature of the shop shall be maintained at a level that is healthful for every species of animal kept in the shop.
   (C)   All cages and enclosures are to be of a nonporous material for cleaning and disinfecting. Each cage must be of sufficient size that the animal will have room to stand, turn, and lie down in a natural position.
   (D)   All animals under three (3) months of age are to be fed at least three (3) times per twenty-four (24) hours. Food for all animals shall be served in a clean dish so mounted that the animal cannot readily tip it over and be of the removable type.
   (E)   Each bird must have sufficient room to sit on a perch. Perches shall be placed horizontal to each other in the same cage. Cages must be cleaned every day and cages must be disinfected when birds are sold. Parrots and other large birds shall have separate cages from smaller birds.
   (F)   The water temperature for fish shall be maintained at a constant temperature that is healthful.
   (G)   There shall be sufficient clean, dry bedding to meet the needs of each individual animal.
   (H)   All animals must be fed, watered, and cages cleaned every day, including Sundays and holidays.
(Ord. 2016-09, passed 4-4-16)