(A)   Every person desiring to secure the protection provided by the regulations pertaining to soliciting contained in this chapter shall comply with the following directions.
   (B)   Notice of the determination by the occupant of giving invitation to solicitors, or the refusal of invitation to solicitors, to any residence, shall be given in the manner following:
      (1)   A weatherproof card, approximately three (3) inches by four (4) inches in size, shall be exhibited upon or near the main entrance door to the residence, indicating the determination by the occupant, containing the applicable words, as follows:
         "Only Solicitors Registered in the City of Hillview Invited."
      (2)   If this card is not displayed, no solicitation shall be permitted at that residence.
      (3)   The letters shall be at least one-third (1/3)-inch in height. For the purpose of uniformity the cards shall be provided by the Hillview Police Department to persons requesting, at the cost thereof.
      (4)   Such card so exhibited shall constitute sufficient notice to any solicitor of the determination by the occupant of the residence of the information contained thereon.
(Ord. 2009-14, passed 12-21-09)