(A)   The Bullitt County Zoning Administrator or his representative shall be responsible for assigning numbers to buildings in accordance with the building numbering system set forth in this chapter. At the time of the issuance of a building permit or at such time thereafter as the Planning Commission shall deem appropriate, the person, firm or corporation requesting such building permit shall provide to the Zoning Administrator a certified site plan for such building or structure indicating:
      (1)   The exact location of the building or buildings;
      (2)   The exact location of an access road or driveway serving said building or buildings; and
      (3)   The distance in feet from the center of each building to the nearest county road.
   (B)   Upon being informed of the exact existing or proposed location of a building or structure, the Zoning Administrator shall designate and verify to the owner, occupant or builder of any existing or proposed building or structure the proper number of such building or structure. Any decision of the Zoning Administrator concerning the numbering of a building or structure may be appealed to the Bullitt County Fiscal Court or respective City Council for review. In order for any such appeal to be considered by that body, the person, firm or corporation seeking such review shall submit a written statement setting forth in appropriate detail the reasons for such appeal. The approving body shall have the authority to overturn and change any decision of the Zoning Administrator concerning the number of a lot, building, structure or property. No owner or occupant of a building may change the number of such building without first obtaining the approval of the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator shall maintain a current set of reproducible maps covering all of Bullitt County showing the numbers assigned to all lots, buildings, structures and properties. Copies of such maps may be made available to persons, firms, or corporations requesting such copies at a reasonable cost.
(Ord. 85-6, passed 5-20-85)