(A)   The Commission shall be responsible for assigning numbers to tracts in accordance with the grid system. The Administrator is delegated authority to administer this chapter and shall begin when the grid system is in place having been accepted by the Fiscal Court. Thereafter, at the time of the issuance of a building permit the person requesting the permit shall provide to the Administrator a site plan for such building indicating:
      (1)   The exact location of the improvement;
      (2)   The exact location of the access road or driveway serving the improvement; and
      (3)   The distance in feet from the front of each building to the nearest county road serving the tract access road or driveway.
   (B)   Upon being informed of the exact existing or proposed location of an improvement, the Administrator shall designate in writing to the owner the correct number and record that information in the Commission records. He shall designate in writing any refusal to issue a number or accept a road name and shall state in full his reason for refusal. The Administrator shall maintain current set of reproducible maps covering all of Bullitt County showing the numbers assigned to all tracts and a current index of road names. Copies of such maps and road index may be purchased by persons at a cost fixed by Fiscal Court.
(Ord. 85-13, passed 12-16-85)