For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADMINISTRATOR. The person duly appointed by Fiscal Court to administer the Bullitt County Planning and Zoning Regulations under KRS Chapter 100 or any other person designated by order of the Fiscal Court to administer this chapter.
   BASE LINES. A general north and south line and a general east and west line which pass through a reference point located at the center of the intersection of Kentucky State Highway 61 and Kentucky State Highway 44 as located within the city limits of the City of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, on October 1, 1995.
   CITY COUNCIL. The governing body possessing legislative authority in a city in Bullitt County, Kentucky.
   COMMISSION. The Bullitt County Planning Commission.
   FISCAL COURT. The Bullitt Fiscal Court.
   GRID SYSTEM. That system of tract location employing parallel lines running generally east and west and north and south dividing the whole of Bullitt County into points of common reference from base lines. Number lines designated by compass location and hundreds are assigned to the parallel grid lines. Grid lines are related to base lines and are generally located parallel thereto. The system is designed to assign whole numbers to each fifty (50) foot in width tract in Bullitt County but may assign whole numbers to larger or smaller tracts.
   IMPROVEMENT. Any building requiring a number by this chapter.
   NUMBER. The identifying number assigned to each tract of land by the Administrator. When displayed, the component numbers shall each be at least eleven and one-fourth (11 ¼) inches wide and two (2) inches high.
   ROAD. Street or road.
   TRACT. Each platted and recorded lot, building used for residential, business, commercial, industrial or governmental purpose or lot of land otherwise identifiable upon sight.
(Ord. 85-13, passed 12-16-85)