(A)   The provisions for inspections of work authorized by permits by the city shall not be construed as prohibiting the inspection of any electrical wiring or apparatus now or whenever installed, whenever the Electrical Inspector shall determine that public safety requires.  No inspection fee shall be charged for this inspection but in case it is determined necessary to replace any wrong or defective wiring or apparatus upon such inspection a permit in like manner as the original shall be obtained.
   (B)   Wherever the Electrical Inspector shall find any electrical wires or apparatus not conforming to the rules and regulations set forth in this chapter or any electrical ordinance, said Electrical Inspector is hereby empowered to stop work on any installation being made by any person, firm or corporation to whom or which a license or a permit has not been granted or who or which has not paid the final inspection fees or who or which does not otherwise comply to the terms of this chapter.
(Ord. 79-9, passed 7-16-79)