§ 150.12  FEES.
   The following inspection shall be paid to the Electrical Inspector for the inspection of all electrical equipment installed or altered within the city:
   (A)   Branch circuit wiring (rough).
      Two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per circuit for each of the first three circuits; plus two dollars ($2) per circuit for each of the next two (2) circuits; plus one dollar ($1) for each additional circuit.
   (B)   Fixture Work.
      Fixture outlets                     $  .15 ea.
      First twenty (20) sockets or less                5.00
      For each additional socket over twenty (20), add        .15 ea.
      Receptacles                          .15 ea.
   (C)   Motors and Generators.
      First machine                     $ 5.00
      Each additional machine                   2.00
      Heating devices (space heaters)                1.00
      Furnace and air conditioning, each three dollars ($3.00),
      combination                         5.00
   (D)   Switch Boards or Panel Boards.
      For each panel board                  $7.50
(Ord. 79-9, passed 7-16-79)