(A)   All persons, firms, companies or corporations shall, before beginning any installation, alteration or change of electrical wiring or equipment in the city, obtain a permit for such work.  Permits for installation, alteration and use of electrical equipment, shall issue upon the receipt of an application thereof made out on a printed form furnished by the Electrical Inspector, his designee or the City Clerk/Treasurer.  The fee is to be paid before final inspection as herein provided for.  Permits shall be posted in plain view, inside the building near the entrance switch or inside the service switch when installed.
   (B)   The application for each such permit shall contain the name of the owner or user of the electrical equipment to be installed, altered or changed, and the location of such work by correct address, street and number, also, name and address of person, firm or corporation or company making the installation.
(Ord. 79-9, passed 7-16-79)