(A)   The Uniform State Building Code is hereby adopted by reference as if fully set out herein.  A copy of the code along with any amendments thereto shall be placed on file in the City Clerk/Treasurer's office.
   (B)   The City Building Official/Inspector shall be responsible for the examination and approval or disapproval of plans and specifications for churches having a capacity of four-hundred (400) or less persons, and six thousand (6,000) or less square feet of total floor area, and buildings of no more than three (3) stories in height, exclusive of attic and basement, which do not contain more than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of floor area, and are not intended for educational, institutional, or high hazard occupancy; or assembly, business, or industrial occupancy in excess of one hundred (100) persons, except churches as stated in this section, or for use as a frozen food locker plant as defined in KRS 221.010, or any other structure as specified by the Uniform State Building Code, excluding single family residential structures.
(Ord. 92-24, passed 11-16-92)
Statutory Reference:
   Local Enforcement of UBC, see KRS 198B.060(1)