(A)   Certificate holders shall maintain a central place of business within the corporate limits of the city. That place of business must comply with all city ordinances and regulations, specifically including those pertaining to zoning and city building and safety codes.
   (B)   All certificate holders or drivers of taxicabs shall answer all calls received by them for services inside the corporate limits of the city as soon as they can do so and if such services cannot be rendered within a reasonable time, they shall notify the prospective passengers how long it will be before the call can be answered and give the reason therefor.
   (C)   No certificate holder or driver may refuse to accept a call in an area in which the taxicab is permitted to operate pursuant to the taxicab certificate issued by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Transportation Cabinet. To do so shall be deemed a violation of this chapter and the taxicab inspection sticker and taxicab driver's permit issued to such holder or driver may be revoked or suspended.
(Ord. 97-18, passed 11-17-97)