(A)   Each taxicab for which application for a taxicab inspection sticker is made shall be inspected by the City Police Department before the inspection sticker is issued. The inspection shall verify that each taxicab conforms to the following requirements including, but not limited to:
      (1)   A cash box securely installed in interior of the vehicle within normal view of all passengers which cash box shall be the repository for such cash as may be received by the drive during his operation of the vehicle. The type construction, operation, placement, installation, and securing of the cash box shall comply with such reasonable regulations as may be prescribed by the Mayor.
      (2)   Conspicuous notice viable on both sides of the vehicle and to passengers inside the vehicle to the effect that the driver cannot carry more than twenty ($20) dollars for the purpose of making change.
      (3)   For taxicabs providing wheelchair service, a lift device to provide easy access for those confined to wheelchairs, and with clamps or other similar devices to keep wheelchairs in place while the taxicab is in motion and such equipment necessary to provide two-way radio communication.
      (4)   The proper designation as provided herein.
      (5)   A taximeter fastened so that it shall be visible to the passengers at all times of day and night which taximeter is operated electronically or mechanically by a mechanism of standard design and construction drive either from the transmission or from one of the front wheels by a flexible and permanently attached driving mechanism. Each taximeter shall be sealed at all points and connections which, if manipulated, would affect their correct reading and recording. Each taximeter shall have thereon a flag or light to denote when the vehicle is employed and when it is not employed.
   (B)   Reinspection. Every vehicle operating under an inspection sticker issued pursuant to this chapter shall be reinspected at six (6) month intervals or at such shorter interval as may be prescribed by the Mayor. The timing and requirements for shorter intervals deemed necessary may be based on a regular lapse of time or miles driven between reinspection or the occurrence of certain incidents.
   (C)   Nothing in this chapter shall preclude the Mayor, or any city police officer from inspecting a taxicab at any time with or without a complaint filed by an person.
   (D)   Each taxicab for which application for a taxicab inspection sticker is made shall submit proof that a mechanical safety inspection has been conducted by a qualified mechanic.
(Ord. 97-18, passed 11-17-97)