(A)   The Mayor or his designee shall, on consideration of the application and the items attached thereto, approve the application for a taxicab inspection sticker whenever the following findings are made:
      (1)   The applicant has provided the information and items established herein.
      (2)   The statements made or information provided by the applicant are true and correct.
      (3)   The applicant has been granted a taxicab certificate or certificates or issued a letter by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Bureau of Vehicle Regulation, authorizing the applicant to operate the designated number of taxicabs at, from, or within the city and its suburban area.
      (4)   There is full force and effect an indemnity bond or liability insurance policy as required by this subchapter for each taxicab for which application is made.
      (5)   Each taxicab for which application is made has been inspected and met the requirements of this chapter and any regulations promulgated thereunder.
   (B)   On approval of an application for a taxicab inspection sticker the City Clerk/Treasurer shall issue the sticker to the applicant. The license shall be in effect for a six (6)month period designated by the City Clerk/Treasurer.
   (C)   A renewal inspection sticker for each six (6) month period thereafter shall be issued on compliance by the holder with the requirements of this chapter and the regulation promulgated thereunder.
   (D)   The Mayor or his designee shall prescribe the size, form, and content of each inspection sticker or renewal sticker issued and shall prescribe the manner in which the sticker shall be displayed.
(Ord. 97-18, passed 11-17-97)