(A)   A driver's permit may be requested from the City Clerk/Treasurer by submitting an application on the form prescribed by the Mayor or his designee and in accordance with regulations promulgated under this chapter. The application shall be verified under oath and shall contain the following information:
      (1)   Applicant's name, address, social security number, and telephone number, if any.
      (2)   Applicant's place and date of birth.
      (3)   Applicant's age, sex, weight, color of eyes and hair, race, and nationality.
      (4)   Applicant's residence for two (2) years preceding the date of application.
      (5)   Applicant's operator's license number.
      (6)   Applicant's chauffeur's license number.
      (7)   Whether the applicant has ever been licensed as a chauffeur or as a taxicab driver, and if so, where and when.
      (8)   Whether any such license has ever been suspended or revoked, and if so, why.
      (9)   Whether the applicant has ever been convicted of a felony, a sexual offense, a prostitution-related offense, and any state or local motor vehicle or traffic moving violation, any offense relating to intoxication by alcohol or controlled substance, or any offense relating to the trafficking in controlled substances.
      (10)   The names and addresses of three (3) residents of the city who have known the applicant for a period of one (1) year next preceding the date of the application and who will attest to the applicant's sobriety, honesty, and general good character.
   (B)   Each application shall be accompanied by an "intent to hire" form signed by the certificate holder and by any other information deemed necessary by the Mayor. A new intent to hire form must accompany any change in holder or cab company affiliation.
   (C)   Each applicant and, when licensed, each driver, shall inform the City Clerk/Treasurer within seventy-two (72) hours whenever the information required by this section changes.
(Ord. 97-18, passed 11-17-97)